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Vintage CC Flat Lay Double Sided Padlock Re-Worked Necklace

Vintage CC Flat Lay Double Sided Padlock Re-Worked Necklace

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Vintage CC Flat Lay Double Sided Padlock Necklace

- Locally Handmade Artisan single necklace 

- Stainless Steel Chain Necklace

- Vintage Reworked Chanel Zipper Pull Lock Charm with engraved black enamel brand logo, double sided 

- Vintage pieces can show signs of wear or handmade adjustments made to fit jewelry design purpose. 


- Length: 19"


The Re-Works Artisan Piece Collection offers authentic reworked and repurposed jewelry made from pre-owned/second hand or replacement pieces left in factory of the brand unused designer goods that is sustainable and in an affordable way. 

*All items in the Re- Worked Artisan Piece Collection are repurposed, reworked, or pre-owned. Trademarks are owned by their respective brand owners. IDEA LOCAL is not affiliated and/or associated with any of the brands, brand owners, or trademarks.  

We strictly use only authentic designer components to rework and repurpose into jewelry.

All components are purchased through reputable vintage and consignment stores and have gone through authentication processes. We also have partners from France, USA, and Australia that provide us directly with authentic pieces that we use to repurpose into jewelry.   

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