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Make Your Own Artisan Piece

Make Your Own Artisan Piece

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Make your own piece, for everyday use or as a special gift... How? 

- Select cord color and type: Necklace or Bracelet

- Select Charms: Gold or Silver

- Select Colored Beads

Add to cart and complete your purchase!


How to Select Letters, Numbers & Colored Beads:

1) Review All Images & make your selection,

2) Add to cart each piece individually, considering the total amount of each one selected (Ex: 1 letter, 2 numbers, 4 colored beads). Each piece is sold separately.

3) Leave us a comment upon order placement indicating the selected letter (s), number (s) and colored bead (s) reference number selection. See number in listing image.

If you may need any additional information just let us know anytime.



- Length: Necklace Cord 34" | Bracelet 14.5"

- Clasp type: Manually lace up, tie knot

- Charms: Gold | Silver Plated, Brass Base Metal

- Colored Beads: 8mm Crystal | Rock Colored

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