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Angel Numbers Necklace

Angel Numbers Necklace

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- Stainless Steel, gold or silver finish

- Length: 17", plus a 2" extension


Life is made of simple, blessed moments.  Considering this, adding Angel numbers to your daily style will be a constant of lovely reminders of how to drive transformation times feeling in company of your inner guide.

Angel numbers guide:

1111: Unity with your Inner Self, Synchronizing with your Divine Path, Manifesting

222: Balance, Alignment, Trust in Yourself

333: Mind, Body & Spirit

444: Protection, Guidance of the Angels

555: Transformation

666: Reflection, Material Focus

777: Embrace Luck, Goodness coming on the way, Divine Guidance

888: Infinite Abundance, Financial Success

999: Release of a Cycle

000: Infinite Potential, New Beginnings

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